Many Hands International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to meet the needs of disadvantaged people living in our community and Haiti. The mission to help children while helping their parents is broad in conception, with the aim of providing them with the essentials of life:  food, clothing, healthcare and education. We are beginning small, looking first to help with education. As we grow and acquire sufficient funding, we then plan to purchase land and establish a boarding school in Cap-Haitien Haiti where orphans or abandoned children can find a home and obtain food and healthcare.


The central idea of Many Hands International is embodied in an event like a barn-raising, where an entire community comes together to help an individual or family accomplish something that might otherwise prove near impossible. Hence the appropriation of John Heywood’s maxim: “Many hands make light work.” The Amish are not the only culture to practice this sort of neighborly kindness and care. The Finnish and Norwegians have similar practices as well. And the Haitians practice something they call a kombit, a kind of communal undertaking to accomplish a

great task.


Many Hands International is being directed by a group of people are devoting their full time, energy and resources to establishing and running this organization. MHI is registered in the state of Florida as a public charity. As such, it has a fully functioning board and a formal mission statement.


Many Hands International builds character and encourages personal growth of youth in underserved communities in order to create future community stewards.


Our vision is to develop servant leadership qualities in youth to prepare them to make social and economic contributions to their community and country.


Apart from providing academic, vocational and moral instruction, MHI believes it is important to develop the character of its youth and young adults in preparation for the challenges life invariably poses to us all. We want to be involved in a variety of areas that teaches about life: Education, health/Wellness, sports, environmental, helping the poor, etc


As we continue to grow and develop as an organization, we want to spread our hands wider in our community and Haiti.

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